Pedestrian Rant IV

Earlier this month, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) dropped speed limits on arterial streets (2+ lanes, by their definition) from 30 mph to 25 mph as part of Seattle’s Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths and injuries. At first glance, the reduction looks like a big step in the right direction; the difference […]

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Pedestrian Rant: Part III

Another befuddling week of walking in Seattle… So there’s this crosswalk where Olympic Place curves into Olympic Way, just northwest of Kinnear Park. To the left, a blind corner where cars come rushing around with little to no notice. To the right, a hill and a curve where cars often veer into the oncoming lane. […]

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Pedestrian Rant: Part II

This week the baffling world of sidewalks (or lack thereof) really outdid itself. First of all, there was this sandy dirt path next to a jam packed industrial route on the south side of Seattle. This came after crossing from the other side of the street, where there was also no sidewalk and a fellow […]

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Pedestrian Rant: Part I

Walk a mile in any pedestrian’s shoes and you’ll encounter a daily parade of obstacles, sometimes laughable, but more often downright infuriating. Crumbling or nonexistent sidewalks, crosswalks that lead to nowhere—you name it, we’ve all seen it.     Inspired by the Twitter account @WalkFarce, I’ll be posting every couple of weeks about some of the crazy things […]

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Seattle’s Most Beautiful Building?

This is the third in a weekly series on architecture of Seattle. Check out the previous posts here and here. Plenty of people travel to new cities seeking beauty and intellectual stimulation, but most of them probably don’t have the library on their list of sights to see. But if you’re in Seattle, consider stopping by the Central Library, which overflows with both […]

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Seattle’s Ugliest Building?

This is the second in a weekly series on architecture of Seattle. Check out the first post here. Veering off the tourist track, this Tuesday’s architecture feature might seem mundane (or downright grotesque depending on your taste) at first glance: the King County Administration Building. In fact, according to its Wikipedia page, the building has […]

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